Spa Night for Mom

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Spa Night for Mom


This basket offers mom a lovely pampering spa night experience. She gets:

  • A subtly-scented beeswax candle that can burn for 30 hours. This candle is made in a solar-powered factory and burns cleanly in your home*
  • 'Nilla buttermilk bath salts (8oz - sized like those trendy mason jars). These offer your mom the ultimate healthy bath-soak experience. They are among the most highly rated products on the Good Guide, an independent evaluator of consumer products
  • 'Nilla buttermilk bath soap (5.3oz). These come equally-highly rated for healthiness and offer mom some relaxation that can last
  • It doesn't stop there - the wire basket these goodies come in can be re-used for a wide number of things, like holding wash cloths, toiletries, charging cables, you name it
  • We'll have a card to include that can include a short note from you
  • We'll also include a letter that explains all of the gifts in her basket and why they are meaningful and good for her health
  • Shipping is included


*If you want more information on what regular candles release into your home, let us know and we're happy to share the research we've collected

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