What's Up Next


We asked. You answered! Thank you!

And I'm sure you've been on pins and needles, just like me, wondering what are people going to say? When it comes to healthy, wholesome shopping, what is the most desired thing?? 

Never fear, your time of waiting is over. We've got your answers right here.

The top pick was all-purpose household cleaner, followed closely by lip balm. Interestingly, these are pretty different products, but they are both items we use very frequently. And both of them come into regular contact with our bodies.


So, what's next? We said we were going to launch with one of these products, but given how close these two bad boys were to each other, we're launching with both in our store (and the lip balm will be gender neutral). We'll launch them in the store in the next couple days, so stay tuned! Place your order now and let your friends in on the secret launch of our lifestyle store! We'll be announcing the exact products shortly, so stay tuned.

There's going to come a day when you'll tell people you were among the first shoppers at Cara's Market. Make sure your friends are also among those cool few ;)

Haven't weighed in yet? Worried we made the wrong choice? Want to confirm we made the right choice, and tell us what should be in the store next? Never fear, we'll keep collecting data through our survey.