How to have a healthy week, v.2

We're excited you're back with us to have another healthy week. We heard from a lot of you after our first run of How to Have a Healthier Week, so we are back with advice for another week! This was also a great way to keep delaying our post on procrastination.

These tips are meant to help you try on different healthy habits to see which fit your lifestyle, and to help build new habits. My personal favorite is the mini morning workouts. 

Side note: We love to hear from you so please email with comments or contact us online.

Here are our tips for this healthy and conscious week:

1. In honor of World Kindness Day, practice kindness. I'm not gonna lie, there is a real practice element to this because people can try my patience. But, I've found my energy stays a lot higher when I push on with a cheery, kind vibe than when I turn into rain- or stormclouds. 

2. When re-usable containers aren't an option, and you're buying a drink on the go, opt for aluminum cans. Why? Well, Earth 911 researched whether glass bottles, plastic bottles, or aluminum cans have the lowest environmental impact. If they'd found for plastic bottles, we'd feel more conflicted. But, despite manufacturing process being harsh on the environment, aluminum wins for being 100% recyclable (and often actually recycled) and for being lightweight in transport (think, lower emissions). See the full, engaging article here.


3. Stretch as you get out of bed. Like a big cat stretch. Like that guy over there. You'll be a tiger for the rest of the day, I promise. Stretch whatever feels good. You know how cats stretch every time they get up from their long naps? I think that's cuz they know what's going on. So, the three reasons to stretch as you get out of bed: 1. Being a tiger. 2. It feels really good. 3. It's a great pause to give yourself to set goals and intention before rushing into your day.

4. Then, ten crunches before you leave the bedside. Just 10. But, every morning of the week.

5. Evaluate your handwashing routine, removing antibacterial soaps and steering clear of hand sanitizer if you can. For more info, check out our article from last week about how to stay healthy while washing your hands - sounds oxymoronic, but it isn't. And, lastly, take a look at whether you are doing the actual washing part right.