Take a Look: "Love in the Time of Toxicants"


My closest friend is a true artist - she's an actress for her day job, but her creativity doesn't stop there. As an example, she hand-makes pop-up cards for all her friends' birthdays. Having known her for over twenty years, I have a whole collection of incredible pop-ups, from ones with Orlando Bloom from high school to ones with the NYC skyline from when we lived in the city. Artistry runs in her blood. Her parents are artists, and her grandparents were artists. And her mother is one of the people who helps give Cara's Market advice on our science. 

Together, they created a short film (10 min) on common toxins that we are exposed to, particularly through the air, for the Center for Integrative Research on Childhood Leukemia and the Environment (CIRCLE) at UC Berkeley School of Public Health. It's more than a PSA - it's got plot along with great advice. 

Take a look!