Time for that Vintage Shopping


After a bit of a break while I was moving across the country from graduate school, I'm back at it. We'll be getting back to our regular blog posts so please stay tuned. I'm especially excited about our upcoming blog series. This post is a bit different, but you'll see in a moment what inspired it.

Yesterday, I was talking with my friend, sharing our mutual enthusiasm for home decor. As she shared her favorite follows on Instagram, we started discussing vintage furniture. We talked about conscious consumers, and she referenced her couch. At some point, we got into the ins and outs of vintage shopping, and I brought up some of the pit-falls of older finds, such as the fact that vintage/just-plain-old couches can actually harbor more harmful chemicals than the ones you might find in the store, which I covered in a previous blog post


We kept chatting, wandering our way through various topics, until she suggested I write a guide to vintage shopping. She wanted to know more about what I had said about couches and lead paint - and suggested that I cover other things to look out for. I loved the idea, and quickly realized that given the breadth of vintage shopping options, I would need to cover a wide range of products, across a series of blog posts. We start tomorrow with our first one on vintage furniture.