Trick or Treat Rehash: In the battle between Snickers and Organic Fruit Snacks, you may be surprised who wins

Last night, we sat around with my folks bedecked in costumes, giving out Halloween candy and sharing our favorite Halloween memories. My fiance remembered trick-or-treating in tall apartment buildings in New York City, while my dad's were of egging people's houses and putting Mr. Bubbles in the mall fountain.


Mine are of The Haunted House. Our street growing up was a very quiet street - not a whole lot going on for an only child. I always went elsewhere for fun and games. But Halloween saw a transformation. While the whole street gave a fairly amped-up Halloween effort, the inspiration for the rest of the block and the reason people drove from cities up and down the peninsula was the Halloween House at the top of the street. This house went all out. They created a haunted house on their lawn full of ghouls and beasts that you had to navigate to get to the candy at the end. They had dangling spiders, fog machines, moving werewolves, tombstones, pumpkins, and a live fortune teller. This house was always our last stop on Halloween night, the high point of everything spooky we would see on our rounds. Plus, they served champagne to the adults.

Last night, we still did our pilgrimage up to their house. It is no longer as decked out as it once was, but it's still probably beating 90% of Halloween-decorated homes. We carried our wine glasses up with us, and then reminisced with our neighbors about the good ol' days. They are debating doing a Grand Finale next year, and we offered our assistance. It turns out they have an entire Victorian house in a neighboring town that is full of, no joke, Halloween decorations. My fiance found that visual so peculiar he had dreams about it last night. 

But perhaps the most noteworthy thing to me about our visit up to The Haunted House was that, alongside all the candy, our neighbor was also giving out organic fruit snacks. I mean, come on. I'll admit I teased her about this, and we all chimed in about how no one wanted those. Well, it turns out these kids trick-or-treated their way through four Costco-sized boxes of organic fruit snacks (All I could think was, what is wrong with these kids? She's got Almond Joys for heaven's sake! I, naturally, took an Almond Joy.) 

This got me thinking. We so often assume that other people are similarly living a less-than-healthy life either along with us, or unlike us. And, perhaps the truth is that many people - even The Children of the Next Generation - are making healthier choices, and we just don't know it. So, here's some virtual organic fruit snack inspiration for your healthier day: we, many of us, are making healthier choices than it seems.

And I'd love to hear what healthier snack, activity, or accouterment you chose today.