How to have a healthier week


I love setting goals both elaborate and small for any week. I'm a bit of a nerd about it. I love lists on my big whiteboard. I love journaling about my goals. I love making lists of lists of goals. I can easily get carried away. 

And, what I've realized is that nebulous goals can be really alluring and sound so tempting - and be terribly easy not to achieve. Something like, exercise more. Or be healthier. Again, sounds great. But, pretty hard to make happen because, where to start? Goals like that fail all the tests for specificity and measurability that something like SMART goals, which make targets more accessible, ask for.

So, we're going to tackle that most inviting of goals - be healthier. We're going to break it down into a few digestible bits that you can definitely do this week. So, let's lifehack this one. And let us know your thoughts - I'm thinking of doing a how-to-be-healthier post with new goals for each week.


1. Add a plant to your ecosystem. I'm a huge fan of plants at work, especially since having a plant in your workplace can actually boost productivity - let alone reducing toxins in the air that you'd otherwise be exposed to! So, buy a plant, plant some seeds (you know the heating in your office can definitely support a plant, so the fact that it's winter isn't going to phase any seedling), or bring a plant from home into work. If you want to learn about plants reducing indoor pollutants, and which ones are most effective, check out our piece on the subject.

2. Eat one less meal with meat per week. I'm not saying become a vegetarian. Reducing beef especially goes a surprisingly long way towards reducing your environmental impact! Just skip meat for one meal and you can spend several extra minutes in your hot shower guilt-free.

3. Do 10 push-ups each morning or each night. Just 10. For me, I've realized that treating exercise like it's all or nothing - a 4-mile run or I didn't do anything kind of mentality - causes me to exercise less. Because, as much as workoutaholics would love to tell you that you can workout every day, some days are prohibitively busy. So, I like to think about finding small workout nuggets that are feasible for any one day. Our pick for this week? 10 push-ups. Do them on your knees if you're building up strength, on your fists if your wrists always hurt like mine, or in sets of 80 if you're my fiance and make the rest of us look bad.


4. Bring a reusable cup with you (especially one that isn't plastic). Even if you do this on just one day this week, it's a great habit to build that can have an impact on your health, the atmosphere, and our oceans. That, over there, is the mug that I bring with me. It adds coziness and flair to my day. Plus, my local tea-shop recognizes me by my mug now too. And you get a discount! Savings $$$. Want a reusable cup that is healthier than alternatives? We've got you covered there too with options for water bottles and thermoses.

5. Drink water. Stay hydrated. Personally, I'm aiming to drink at least 10 glasses a day. It's hard - but it also makes me more active because I keep having to go fill up my water bottle. And, having my reusable water bottle handy actually makes this one a lot easier, so goal 4 +5 go really well together. The added benefit here is that in addition to water being great for your body, doing this lifehack probably means you're also consuming fewer unhealthy drinks - which means that less pollution is going into the air and less trash is going into landfill. Go you!

Liked these? Hated them? Have your own healthy lifehacks? We'd love to hear from you.