We're curious. What do you think organic means?


I hear a lot of people describe how they shop and how they screen for products. In these conversations, people express a truly wide range of perspectives. Some have a lot of faith in terms like "eco-friendly" and "organic". Some, like a woman I spoke to who grew up on a farm, expressed endless skepticism about organic. Some think organic means chemical free or that natural means pesticide-free. This week, we wanted to take a look at what these terms mean to you and tackle some misconceptions. 

We are going to start with the holy grail of loaded terms: organic. Through the one-question poll below, the comments section, a note to us at Cara's Market, our poll on Twitter, or on our Facebook page, please let us know: What does organic mean to you? This can be either a literal interpretation of what you think the definition is or what it means to you to buy organic. Thanks in advance for your responses!

Please note: We may use your comments anonymously in future posts.

What do you think organic means?
Select all that apply to your understanding/definition of organic.