Hopeful (and early) Thoughts on Thanksgiving


Over the past week, I've been putting together seasonal gift ideas for our conscious shoppers looking for something to give a host, a friend, or a self. At first, all I could think of was food. Then, I realized that was awful - Thanksgiving is all about food to me?! But, then, in my defense, I thought about the wonderful memories I have of my whole family spending all of Thanksgiving day - and increasingly the day before too - prepping the feast, all together in the kitchen for the day.

We have our traditions. My dad will always hover over my stepmom, uncle, and me as we make the dishes we make every year. He'll make the same comments about how, are we sure we're doing it right, and do we know that we need to put flour on the surface before rolling out the pastry dough, and do we know how to flip the potato pancakes? My stepmom will always get anxious about whether I've made enough cornbread for her stuffing, and she'll have a last-minute panic, convinced her gravy didn't turn out well (it's always fantastic). My sister would always clean the dishes before we were done with them. And my uncle would always be in charge of the mashed potatoes, and sit in the dining room encouraging us. I, meanwhile, am in charge of all baked things, among which is the infamous cornbread - one year, we had accidentally doubled the butter, and watched through the oven window as our cornbread fried in the excess...it turned out to be delicious, and doubling the butter became another Thanksgiving tradition.

As family members have come and gone from our group, it has meant more and more to me, this family gathering, and is blessed with memories of those who can no longer be there in the flesh. So, I'm grateful for this annual, communal cookout when we just spend time together.

But, then, for conscious gifts, still, all I could think of was food...so I still had a practical problem on my hands.


Then, my fiance made the great suggestion of centering the collection around authentic arts and products made by Native Americans. I liked the idea. This movement is about putting our money into healthy, hopeful, wholesome alternatives. In the quite-literal storms of bad news, I've been taking heart recently from the fact that Harvey Weinstein and NFL kneelers and confederate statues are bringing important dialogues into many more households than before. More of us are talking more often about important issues that have often been focused around those they impact most. So, I'm feeling hopeful. And I want to help people bring some of this hope with them this fall. So, with some needed brainstorming and help, we found talented artisans and business owners that marry tradition and hope for the future, and will be including them in our upcoming Fall Collection. 

I look forward to sharing the Collection shortly. In the meantime, I wanted to share those thoughts of tradition and hope. 

Want to see something in particular in our collection? Let me know.