History of Cara's Market 

Helen came up with the idea of Cara’s Market when she moved to Charlottesville for graduate school and was looking to buy a couch. What seemed simple, finding a couch that didn’t contain any toxic chemicals, turned into an arduous, time-consuming search. Frustrated with the process, Helen thought there should be a better way, and has since met many people who agree, and want it to be easier to be healthy and live their values and health priorities.


Why "Cara's Market"?

Cara’s Market is named after Helen’s mom, Cara Marks, who passed away when Helen was a child. Helen remembers clearly the strongly-held values she instilled and how she inspired those around her. Cara was a builder of and believer in community, with an overflowing, generous spirit. As a molecular biologist, she valued the power of data in every area of her life - a value of transparency and information that Cara’s Market aims to uphold. 

Above all else, it is these values - of transparency, community, and generosity of spirit - that inspire Cara’s Market.