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My name is Helen and I founded Cara's Market in honor of my mom, who passed away when I was young. My mom believed in community and generosity, and the role of science and data in improving people's lives. Cara's Market brings all of those values together.

We want to make living a healthier, sustainable, socially-responsible lifestyle more convenient and affordable. We raise awareness of how to balance staying healthy, being good to the environment, and caring for your community, while helping you understand whether the latest trend is guided by scientific fact or frenzy.

Some of our customers know what they want to shop for – for example, an organic crib without chemical fire retardants. Others aren’t sure what to be seeking or avoiding to be healthier or environmentally-friendly, but they know the general product they are looking to buy. Cara’s Market can help with either. 

Cara's Market Today: Recommending Values-Based Goods

Through our marketplace, blog of recommend products and health/sustainability issues, and our personal shopping feature, we make it easier to find products that are good for your home and body. Our early customers have purchased furniture that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals or is sustainably made, such as chairs, bookshelves, and carpets. And, we source smaller products, such as water bottles, toiletries, cleaning products, and cosmetics, as well.

If a personal, values-based shopper sounds like something you’re interested in, check out our product request form and we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

History of Cara's Market 

I came up with the idea of Cara’s Market when I moved to Charlottesville for graduate school and was looking to buy a couch. What seemed simple, finding a couch that didn’t contain any toxic chemicals, turned into an arduous, time-consuming search. Frustrated with the process, I thought there should be a better way, and have since met many people who agree, and want it to be easier to be healthy and live their values and health priorities.


Why "Cara's Market"?

Cara’s Market is named after my mom, Cara Marks, who passed away when I was a child. I clearly remember the strongly-held values she instilled and how she inspired those around her. Cara was a builder of and believer in community, with an overflowing, generous spirit. As a molecular biologist, she valued the power of data in every area of her life - a value of transparency and information that Cara’s Market aims to uphold. 

Above all else, it is these values - of transparency, community, and generosity of spirit - that inspire Cara’s Market.